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Welcome to AboutFoolProof

FoolProof is all about consumer advocacy.

Using credit unions as the web hosts, FoolProof currently offers consumers six separate financial literacy and consumer education programs.

  • The programs are free to all consumers, whether they are credit union members or not.
  • FoolProof uses highly interactive online "modules" and dynamic websites to show you the extraordinary importance of understanding money.
  • Separate programs designed for use by high schools and community groups, parents, college-age students, young adults and adults.

We are consumer advocates. FoolProof's job is to provide straightforward, no-nonsense information. We don't do infomercial.

FoolProof, a True Consumer Advocacy Initiative.

Judge FoolProof by Our Messages and Our Partners

The FoolProof Initiative is funded by the participation of credit unions. Our partners include individual credit unions, the not-for-profit Council For Credit Union Education, Inc., and Credit Union Strategic Partners.

We believe good credit unions operate uniquely in the consumer environment. Their approach is normally more consumer-oriented rather than sales oriented, and we are proud of our credit union relationships.

But FoolProof's consumer messages are developed solely by FoolProof. We are consumer advocates, not marketers. At times, we say things even credit unions don't like.

FoolProof is endorsed by the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Consumer Federation of America.

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